We will not quote alteration prices over the phone or by email.   The only way we will know what it will cost is when we see you in the garment.   Until we see what a garment is made of, how it’s made, and what you want us to do to it, we can’t know the cost.    We do understand the desire to price shop, but warn you to be careful!   Don’t leave your garments with anyone to alter until you have checked them out!  Look for reviews, check with the BBB and ask for a free consultation to get an idea of costs.


Whether you:

  • Found and purchased the PERFECT dress! It FINALLY came in and it doesn’t fit!
  • Decided to start a fitness program or a diet AFTER you ordered your gown. And now it doesn’t fit.
  • Took your eye off the scale for a few weeks. Tried on your dress right before the big day. And now it doesn’t fit.
  • LOVE almost everything about your dress, but would like to change this or that.
  • Are thinking about wearing mom’s wedding dress, but it is too dated looking or it doesn’t fit.
  • just need a bustle!
  • just need a hem!

We can take care of any of your formal-wear alteration needs, and will expertly fit the garment on you.  Whether you need us to take it in or let it out.   Hem it or lengthen it (this is tricky and may not always be doable).   We can make design changes: add straps or sleeves, remove straps or sleeves, add bling and just about any other idea you have.   We will lovingly deconstruct your mother’s wedding gown and transform it into a gown that is more contemporary and suited to you.

Casual-wear alterations are welcome!   Our expertise is women’s clothing.   We do exclude garments made of leather or pleather, feathers, or fur.   Lingerie and swimwear are on the “it depends” list.

So, if you have a favorite blazer that is too big now (yay for you) we can slim it down.  Trousers that are too long, a coat that needs a new lining….to list just a few ideas.   Don’t give away those older styles until you see if we can redesign them or alter them to fit better.

The alterations will be professionally completed in the time frame that works for you.   If multiple fittings are necessary, we will work with your schedule.    In some cases, alterations are needed in a hurry.   We try to accommodate even last-minute jobs, including the day of.  This will depend on the jobs or appointments we already have booked.

We will give you a written quote and description of the work to be done.  The price will not change. unless you add to or change the work to be done.


What to bring with you
  • The garment(s)
  • The undergarments (if being worn) that will be worn with the garment, especially if they change the way the garment fits (i.e. shape-wear)
  • The shoes that will be worn with the garment, especially if the garment is floor length